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A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.

Canada: Gun safety courses deal with surge in registrations following repeal of long-gun registry

Enrolment has jumped by more than 20 per cent in the past year as younger hunters and more women head into the woods and to shooting ranges.
The end of the federal long gun registry also plays a role in the upswing, says firearms instructor Bob Kierstead. He says the creation of the firearms registry by the federal government in 1993 turned young people away from hunting and the use of guns.

Senior charged for shooting at would-be intruder

 Police have charged a senior with firearms-related offences for allegedly opening fire after someone tried to smash their way into his home.

Police believe Gary Paul Bucci, 68, went to a basement window when a man smashed through it Monday night, and threatened the would-be intruder to stay out.

Harper promises new firearms for Canadian Rangers Add to ...

Stephen Harper is reassuring the lightly armed Canadian Rangers, who carry Second World War era rifles as they patrol Northern Canada, that Ottawa still intends to buy them new firearms.

The Prime Minister is spending time with the Rangers, part-time reservists in the Canadian Forces, during his annual tour of Northern Canada. He is visiting with them in the Arctic hamlet of Gjoa Haven. The Rangers provide a military presence in this country’s sparsely populated north, reporting to the Forces if they spot something such as a foreign submarine.

Canada: Quebec loses gun registry battle

Quebec’s top court has struck yet another blow against the province in its long running gun registry battle with Ottawa.
The Quebec Court of Appeal dismissed a Quebec government bid Tuesday to force Ottawa to keep data related to the federal long gun registry.

Canada tried registering long guns -- and gave up

One persistent suggestion in the post Newtown conversation about gun control is a law requiring the registration of all guns, even so called “long guns” like the rifle Adam Lanza used in the school killings. Lost in the discussion: Canada tried it and gave up, discovering like several other nations that attempting to identify every gun in the country is an expensive and ultimately unproductive exercise. Criminals, of course, don’t register their guns. And even law abiding citizens tend to ignore registration when it comes to long guns mostly used for hunting and target shooting.

Canada: Toews never issued press release on feds' destruction of long gun registry, so gun advocates broke news

When Public Safety Minister Vic Toews disclosed early this month that the federal government’s promise to destroy millions of records of registered long guns had finally been delivered, with the exception of court protected data from Quebec, he kept the news in the family.

Canada: Ex-regional councillor wants cities to have power to ban all firearms in urban areas

Frank Reid says the idea came to him several years ago, back when he was a regional councillor. Perhaps it was the year he ran for regional chair, in 1991, when he was spending a lot of time looking for campaign planks and thinking about how to solve the problems of a large city.

Canada: Rare outbreak of sanity sees Toronto vote against banning ammunition

On Thursday, Toronto City Council voted 28-13 against having an emergency debate to discuss banning the sale and storage of ammunition within the confines of the City of Toronto. While there would have been some exemptions for police officers, Armed Forces personnel and a few other very narrow categories, those who legally own handguns in Toronto — something determined by federal law, not city code — would have had to find another place for their bullets.

Canada says tracking global arms sales 'unrealistic'

Canada says the United Nations’ push for a global agreement to track and control the trade of firearms is “unrealistic,” and could result in a costly, ineffective new bureaucracy.

Canada revises stance on UN arms trade treaty

Canada has modified its controversial position on a United Nations arms control treaty.
In a new position paper submitted to the UN, the federal government has dropped its proposal to exclude all sporting and hunting firearms from the international Arms Trade Treaty, an agreement that seeks to regulate the import, export and transfer of all conventional weapons.

Canada: Under pressure from feds, N.B. abandons record-keeping on gun sales

The province of New Brunswick announced Tuesday that it will adhere to the federal government’s wishes and no longer require gun dealers to keep records of sales of long guns and who purchased them.

Canada: RCMP letter fuels battle over gun records

RCMP commissioner Bob Paulson has instructed chief firearms officers to ensure that any conditions they impose on gun store owners do not facilitate the creation of a long-gun registry.
In a letter sent Thursday, Paulson doesn’t explicitly tell the CFOs that gun store owners should not keep ledgers that record the names and licence numbers of customers, but he carefully reminds them that Public Safety Minister Vic Toews doesn’t want any records kept.
Paulson tells the CFOs that the passage of C-19, the bill that abolished the requirement for unrestricted long guns to be registered, “leaves no doubt that Parliament has sought to eliminate any form of a long-gun registry.”

Canada: Holster 'back-door' gun registries

Unless public sentiment has been misread, police forces across Canada have a tough slog ahead if they hope to restore both their collective image and the confidence of those they serve and protect.

Canada: Tories are warning provincial bureaucrats against collecting details on gun buyers

Public Safety Minister Vic Toews has threatened bring the law down on any provincial or territorial chief firearms officer who insists on setting up a backdoor long gun registry.

Canadian MP quits party over gun control

Bruce Hyer has quit the federal New Democrats, electing to sit as an Independent member of Parliament, weeks after being at odds with his party about the end of the long-gun registry.