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A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.

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Locked and Loaded Ladies: More women carrying guns for protection

With her cropped silver hair, white orthopedic slip-on shoes and a silver cross and a Virgin Mary pendant around her neck, you’d never suspect that Pat Bagley is packing heat.

Concealed carry permits on the rise in New Mexico, Doña Ana County

More and more people across the state and county are seeking concealed carry permits, a rise gun safety instructors attribute partly to national politics and diversification of gun ownership in recent years.

More women applying for handgun permits in Maryland

It is easier for a business owner who conducts primarily cash transactions in Maryland to obtain a permit to wear and carry a gun, than a woman who fears she may be attacked by an ex-lover.

Traveling with guns can turn into a nightmare

If I lived in New Jersey, I’d be committing more than 100 felonies, 24 hours a day.
The Garden State’s stringent regulations on the types of firearms, magazines and ammunition it allows would criminalize most of my collection, especially the modern sporting rifles, standard-capacity magazines and controlled-expansion ammunition.

Florida may allow hunters to use silencers

Hunters of deer, turkey and other animals in Florida may soon be able to operate with lethal stealth under a state proposal to allow them to use silencers.

Philly mom will stand trial for bringing gun to N.J.

The words common sense were mentioned quite a bit during Shaneen Allen’s hearing yesterday in Atlantic County Superior Court.
Allen, 27, cried for a moment in the hallway with her son Naiare and his father after a judge denied her motion to dismiss weapons charges filed against her in October and refused to overturn a prosecutor’s decision to deny her entry into a first-time-offender diversion program.

Australia: Queenslanders going for more gun licences, with 30 per cent increase in permits issued in past year

Documents released under Right to Information laws showed a steady increase in gun permit applications with more than 170,124 individual licence holders currently in possession of 566,427 firearms across the state.

Grandmothers get robbed, start gun group

Grandmothers Konnie Couch and Robin Willoughby, 52 and 57, from Aurora in Dearborn County sit next to each other in matching pink shirts and chat about their businesses, grandchildren, illnesses. And their guns.

Gun groups target Peoria thumbprint rule

Gun-rights advocates plan to challenge a Peoria ordinance that requires gun buyers to supply a thumbprint.
The Illinois State Rifle Association recently surveyed its Peoria members to find out how many have had to submit a thumbprint when purchasing a firearm in the city. ISRA said the survey was a first step toward getting the requirement repealed.

Missourians give big thumbs-up to guns

ST. LOUIS • Missouri voters strongly embraced on Tuesday strengthened rights on guns and electronic privacy, and narrowly gave a nod to the state’s farmers. But veterans struck out.

While the state’s failed sales tax increase for transportation was the big story of Tuesday’s election, voters also considered four other referenda to amend the state constitution on a range of issues.

With most of the state’s precincts reporting late Tuesday, it was clear that Amendment 9, to bolster electronic privacy rights of Missourians, had won by an overwhelming vote of about 3 to 1 in favor. And Amendment 5, reiterating the U.S. Constitution’s right to bear arms, won by almost 2 to 1.

House Bill: Pa. employers can't block workers from keeping guns in their cars

State Rep. Bryan Cutler remembers the special plans he had to make to go hunting after work when he was an x-ray technician in Lancaster.

Judge refuses to drop N.J. gun charges against Phila. woman

A Superior Court judge denied a motion Tuesday to drop charges against a Philadelphia woman who has a Pennsylvania gun permit and was found with a weapon in her car during a traffic stop on the Atlantic City Expressway last fall.

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Philadelphia mother whose legal gun got her arrested in NJ hopes for leniency

A young Philadelphia mother, hit with gun charges in New Jersey after being caught during a traffic stop with the firearm she carries legally in her home state, is hoping for leniency from the judge in the case, she tells FoxNews.com.