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A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.

Missouri teachers can become armed safety officers under new law

More Missouri teachers could carry concealed weapons under a measure state lawmakers approved late Wednesday that also bans local laws against open carry of guns.

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Missouri lawmakers expand guns in schools, cities

Missouri lawmakers expanded the potential for teachers to bring guns in schools and residents to openly carry firearms in cities on Thursday by overriding a veto of legislation by Gov. Jay Nixon.

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Last American jurisdiction with a total handgun ban?

The Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands is part of U.S. sovereign territory. It also (1) totally bans handguns, (2) bans carrying all guns, even in the home, (3) requires licenses for long guns, which are allegedly not granted for months on end, though theoretically they are supposed to be granted within 60 days, and (4) bans all ammunition except .22 cartridges, .223 cartridges, and .410 shotgun shells.

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Michigan counties report varied gun permit costs

The reported cost of concealed carry gun permits to Michigan taxpayers varies widely in each county, with a high of $214 and a low near $3.

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New York: Rally Supports Gun Shop Owner over SAFE Act

About 50 people came out Monday night to support the owner of a local gun store caught in a SAFE Act controversy.

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Pennsylvania: Perry County sheriff, auditors' attorneys weigh in on court ruling throwing out gun lawsuit

The attorney representing Perry County’s sheriff said he was confident all along that his client was doing the right thing by not divulging the names of applicants for permits to carry concealed firearms to the county’s auditors.

Gun-toting Omaha woman holds intruder at bay until police can arrive

The 52-year-old Omaha woman, packing a .45-caliber semiautomatic handgun, held off a would-be thief who had worked his way into her home near 70th and Farnam Streets early Tuesday by admonishing him to stay in her bedroom closet until police arrived.

“I told him: “I will blow your (expletive) head off,’’’ Haley said. “I said: ‘I WILL shoot you.’ ’’

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Utah sees spike in women obtaining concealed firearms permits

When Dusti Shepard’s husband got a gun last year, she decided it was time to put aside her fear of handguns and learn to use one.
Besides practicing her skills at a new shooting range in Sandy called The Armory, the mother of two young children obtained a concealed firearms permit. Now Shepard plans to carry a gun with her at all times.

California lawmakers reject background checks for ammo buyers

The state Assembly on Saturday failed to muster the votes to approve legislation aimed at identifying criminals and others who are improperly buying ammunition in California.

Alabama amendment would address gun ownership

Following moves in at least two other states, a proposed amendment to the Alabama Constitution would make owning firearms a fundamental right, and measures to control weapons would have to pass the toughest review by state courts.

California: Concealed weapons permits nearly double in O.C.

In the six months since Orange County began issuing concealed weapons permits under a relaxed standard, the number of people licensed to carry guns is close to doubling, and thousands more are awaiting approval.

USC students use empty holsters to demand more protection from school

Jacob Smith carries an empty gun holster around the University of South Carolina’s campus as a political statement and he’s not alone.

California Senate passes gun restraining order

The legislation would make California the first state to let family members and law enforcement officers ask a judge to issue temporary restraining orders preventing people from possessing a firearm when a person poses a threat.

Locked and Loaded Ladies: More women carrying guns for protection

With her cropped silver hair, white orthopedic slip-on shoes and a silver cross and a Virgin Mary pendant around her neck, you’d never suspect that Pat Bagley is packing heat.

Concealed carry permits on the rise in New Mexico, Doña Ana County

More and more people across the state and county are seeking concealed carry permits, a rise gun safety instructors attribute partly to national politics and diversification of gun ownership in recent years.